Sunday, June 5, 2011

Families are so 30 years ago

I haven't done an actual post on my thoughts or opinions or anything in a very long time. Why? Because I felt weird and repetitive. However I got arrested with an absolutely insane idea this morning. Absolutely ludicrous. A string of thoughts led me to one single thought, and at the risk of...well whatever it is I'm risking, I'm sharing about it. What was that thought? You ask yourself....wait for it....Family is dead. BOOM!!! Mind bomb. Marriage and family find their roots deep inside God. In early early days where evil abounded there was no talk of family. People were into human sacrifice and self indulgance. In the beginning GOD, not Allah, not Buddah, not Ba'al, but GOD created man. He then created woman so that these to people could have union together, and share in each others triumphs and failures. God then BLESSED, not cursed, them with a seed in order to populate and cover the earth.
Family is no longer really taken seriously anymore. The divorce rate is at over 50%, abortion is not only accepted in some circles, but actually fought for. How many of the marriages remaining in tact are actually worth their weight? The politicians we entrust to run our country can't keep their own families together. How many poloticians do we see every year getting caught in some kind of scandal with another woman. It's ridiculous. Why does disaster and destruction run so rampant in American homes? Because people just don't care anymore. Our culture thrives on looking out for number one. Men have an obssesion with being in control, thriving in their jobs, moving ahead, and doing whatever it takes to get a leg up ahead of the next guy, (I'm not speaking for woman, because I'm not one). Even men in the christian community are obssesed with thriving and getting ahead, they justify by saying it's Gods will for them to prosper above all other people, it's His will for their bank accounts to be  full, and make a bunch of money.
Does God want us to prosper? Yes, but if our marriage is dissolving, are kids are withdrawn, and the family is either standing on its last leg or no legs at all, WE ARE NOT PROSPERING!!! God chose us to further His kingdom, and be a ministry to those around us. Neglecting our kids, ignoring our wives, and putting work second to our family IS NOT being a ministry. Are we, as men, to provide for our families? Absolutly, but raising them in Gods word, praying with them, and nurturing their everlasting souls is FAR more important then green paper that, in the end, will amount to ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!! We always have the temporary on the mind, what can we do to solve this problem and get it over? God however has our eternity in mind. God doesn't care about putting a band-aid on and forgetting something, he cares about what will happen in the rest of your eternal life. In the great movie Gladiator it was put like this, "What we do in life echoes in eternity."
Work is not the only factor in destroying families and marriages, but it is what I believe to one of two big components. I'm leaving it at this today, but number 2? I am coming after you!

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