Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It came to my attention that recent installments of my current project were considered offensive, and vulgar. I am sincerely sorry for anything I have written and posted that was offensive to readers. I started writting a story I was doing well with, I became proud of myself and no longer cared what anyone else thought of it. I used excuses like "realisitic", I defended it in my mind telling myself it was to target a non-christian audience. The problem is, what good is my witness when my witness is no different from the world. As a result, I've deleted my last two installments, feeling as though they were the most offensive, and I will be re-writting them. Same basic story, only told for a much broader audience, and a lot less offensive. Again my deepest apologies to anyone who has read and was offended, as well as my church and family both of whom I very poorly represented. I am very sorry.

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